• Do you have any reviews?

    Yes! We have loads of reviews, they can be found by clicking the review icon on the left of the screen. It may look like a trophy cup on mobile devices

  • Whats your return policy?

    You have 30 days to return your product if you dont like it, no QUESTIONS asked! Here's the full policy.

  • How does the console connect to the TV?

    The Raspberry Pi connects via a standard HDMI cable and plugs into any HDMI ready TV.

  • How does the table connect to the TV?

    The table connects to the console via an included 6ft USB cable.

  • How does the console sound?

    The console will sound exactly how the original classics sounded.

  • Can games be saved and continued like the originals?

    Yes games can be saved exactly like the originals.

  • How do I save a game?

    If your game has a save feature, like the Save Stations in Super Metroid, then these are written to disk when you exit the emulator with Select+Start. If your game does not have a save feature, then you can save state with Select+R1 and load state with Select+L1. You can change save state slots with Select+Left or Select+Right on the D-Pad.

  • How do I exit a game?

    To exit a game you press Start+Select.

  • Can more games be added after the purchase?

    Yes instructions can be found here to help you.

  • Do you need the internet to use the console?

    No the internet is not needed for the system to be used, however it can be connected to the WIFI is you wanted to add more classics.

  • Are there any limitations to your systems?

    Yes, we outline all limitations with our systems here. We list all the issues we find so customers can make informed decisions and are happy with their purchase.

  • Can i connect my PS3 controllers the console?

    Yes you can, either other Bluetooth or USB. USB is recommended.

  • Can i connect my XBOX One / 360 controllers the console?

    Unfortunately not.

  • Can i connect my PS4 controllers the console?

    Yes you can, either other Bluetooth or USB. USB is recommended.

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