Q: Do you have any reviews?
A: Yes! We have loads of reviews, they can be found by clicking the review icon on the left of the screen. It may look like a trophy cup on mobile devices

Q: Whats your return policy ?
A: You have 14 days to return your product if you dont like it, no QUESTIONS asked! Here's the full policy 

Q: How does the console connect to the TV?
A: The Raspberry Pi connects via a standard HDMI cable and plugs into any HDMI ready TV.

Q: How does the table connect to the TV?
A: The table connects to the console via an included 6ft USB cable.

Q: How does the console sound?
A: The console will sound exactly how the original classics sounded.

Q: Can games be saved and continued like the originals?
A: Yes games can be saved exactly like the originals.

Q: How do I save a game?

A: If your game has a save feature, like the Save Stations in Super Metroid, then these are written to disk when you exit the emulator with Select+Start. If your game does not have a save feature, then you can save state with Select+R1 and load state with Select+L1. You can change save state slots with Select+Left or Select+Right on the D-Pad.

Q: How do I exit a game?

A: To exit a game you press Start+Select.

Q: Can more games be added after the purchase 
A: Yes instructions can be found here to help you

Click Here

Q: Do you need the internet to use the console?
A: No the internet is not needed for the system to be used, however it can be connected to the WIFI is you wanted to add more classics 

Q:Are there any limitations to your systems

A: Yes, we outline all limitations with our systems here. We list all the issues we find so customers can make informed decisions and are happy with their purchase 

Q: Can i connect my PS3 controllers the console?
A: Yes you can, either other Bluetooth or USB. USB is recommended

Q: Can i connect my XBOX One / 360 controllers the console?
A: Unfortunately not 

Q: Can i connect my PS4 controllers the console?
A: Yes you can, either other Bluetooth or USB. USB is recommended

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